When is the Furious 5s?

Saturday, 16 May 2020 - from 3pm to 9pm. SAVE THE DATE! 

Wait! Is this Rugby Union?

Yes! Think about it as a cross between 7s (but less tiring) and Rugby X (but with a twist)!

When does registration open & is there a fee? 

Yes there will be a fee to defray the costs of running the tournament (e.g. venue, officials & pitch-side medical coverage) Registration will open in mid-March with some special early bird rates.  JOIN our MAILING LIST - so you never miss anything!

How many players can I register in my team?

A minimum number of at least 5 players (DUH!) and maximum of 10 players. Remember, unlimited replacements are permitted! 

Does our team have to be associated or related to any club / school?

No! Just grab a few mates for a bit of fun! 

What categories may we register for?  

A Men's and Women's category. (i.e. at least 18 yrs of age). If you don't fit either category but are interested in sending a team, get in touch and tell us which category you'd like to see and we'll gauge interest! 

What do we wear to play? 

As long as your kit has sleeves and we can tell your team apart from the others, express yourself! (no plastic and metal appendages of course!)


I see some of the law variations on your website, what are the full Laws for Furious 5s? 

JOIN our MAILING LIST to receive the Furious 5s laws when published.

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