Stay the course

Hey! We're still here.

We hope you are safe and staying so.

These are strange times and reading the news, one would be forgiven for thinking they are almost apocalyptic.

As we hunker down for this 2nd wave of infections in Singapore, it's important to comply with the directives of the health authorities but also keep healthy dose of perspective and think positively about the brighter times that lie ahead.

“We are often more frightened than hurt; and we suffer more in the imagination than reality.” - Seneca

Is Furious 5s still going to happen?

At some point, depending on the next few weeks on our island, based on the shifts within the domestic rugby calendar, with the necessary safeguards - YEAH!

WOW. That had a lot of qualifiers.

But hey, it's a fluid situation, which calls for a Bruce-Lee-like-navigation.


This means we will monitor the advisories issued by the Ministry of Health and in consultation with Singapore Rugby Union, work out what is a safe and responsible way to go about things when the time comes without taking for granted all the measures that have been implemented by the authorities until now.

We can't think of a safer and more secure environment than this little island.

Taking a moment ... to be appreciative and grateful.

OKAY! So what happens next?

So many ways to stay on top of things as we move nimbly with the times:

In the meantime...

...Stay The Course:

  • Be responsible - wash your hands, monitor your temperature

  • Watch out for each other - see the doc if you are ill, maintain socially responsible distances

  • Stay healthy - get plenty of exercise and sunshine

We can fight this together - with SOAP & WAAATAAA!

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