We have balls

This is Uncle.

He's a Good Guy.

Good Guys don't come around very often but we're lucky enough to have met him - many years ago.

Balls not drawn to scale (and no, they are not hairy nuts).

When Uncle heard that we were running a crazy rugby festival so people could have some fun at a low cost, he gave us some balls.

[pregnant pause]

But really. He did.

And he did it for nothing. No branding, no sponsor logo on our website, NADA.

That's what makes him a Grade-A Good Guy (we enjoy alliteration, can you tell).

We don't want Grade-A Good Guys to finish last. So if you are looking for some rugby balls and some kit, Uncle is in that kind of business and is the guy for you. Hit us up, we'll put you in touch.

And just maybe, we can persuade him to show some of his wares at the Furious 5s.

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